"Quality Natural Products To Life Naturally"

We manufacture products using natural ingredients to get its chemical-free and healthy.

June Latex Products

100% Natural Latex

100% Natural Latex

to life naturally

June Latex 100% Natural Latex aims to create health, harmony, and relaxation by balancing between body and soul.

Natural Ingredients
Advanced Manufacturing
Chemical Free

Dust-mite resistant

Antimicrobial & Hypoallergenic

Dust Free
Hypo Allergenic
No Germs & Bacteria

Comfortable sleep

in any sleep position

Latex foam are soft help distribute pressure it helps in blood circulation. with special features to accommodate and enclose the head perfectly. all in manner of sleep.

Support Body Positions
Silent Sleep
reducing heat buildup

Amazing durability

Flexibility and good features in the recovery of rubber pillows. The life expectancy of the rubber cushions over 10 years and pieces of rubber powder is not decisive.

Prolonged Lifespan
No Threadbare
Maintenance Free
Healthy By June Latex Products