What is natural latex?

Natural latex is latex from the tree called rubber tree that are native to the Amazon area countries Brazil and Peru country. Originally, the natives are called "Gao Shu" (cao tchu) which means the crying trees . Until 1770, Joseph Phrit Rowley found it can be remove spots of a pencil. So it so-called eraser or a rubber, but because the center of cultivation and trade in South America, but the original is the State of PA (Pará) Brazil. It is also called the "Para rubber".

The nature of the rubber tree is a perennial, large leaves as dicotyledon, root is a taproot, erect stems, branches is a lot of, wood of the tree is a soft wood with white and yellow, when tapping the surface of rubber trees the white water will flows out called "latex".

The rubber plantation

planting and maintenance of rubber

1.Seeding plantation start by preparing the soil, dig a hole and put a rubber seed into the hole 2-3 seeds. When the rubber last about 6-8 months then can start budding the seedlings with wanted rubber species. When the bud of the rubber tree sprouting out enough, then cut the tip above the bud to make bud of wanted rubber species to grow instead. the advantages of this method is that the seedlings will be stronger than the other, because seedlings never moved.

2.Planted with rubber trees bud This method is similar to the first method about prepare hole and soil but have the process of preparing the bud rubber seedlings before then so can planting rubber to the hole. After that 6-8 months to start budding seedlings and moved to the prepared hole when rubber seedling begin to sprout buds.

3.Planting trees with made of bud seedling rubber This is the most convenient way. Just prepare a hole size 50 x 50 x 50 cm and prepare the soil use the bud rubber seedling that purchased, pull the growing bag out and put it into the hole.

After the plantation has to be maintained young rubber is divided into 3 phases.

1.After planting The first thing to consider is to manage everything to young rubber to survive or die minimum. If death should be planted immediately repaired. Weeding, fertilizing or watering bio regularly. When the rubber was the 1 years old, it will complete a height than one meter.

2.The period of 1-2 years after planting This period will focus on the maintenance the young rubber with the weeding, fertilizing, cutting branches that growing out of the trunk of young rubber tree to grow straight. Mulching and watering with Effective Microorganisms. When the rubber was two years should have a trunk circumference 12-16 cm (height 150 cm from the ground).

3.The period of 3-5 years after planting In this period, rubber will grow moderately. no need to frequent care. Only need weeding and fertilizing 1 time per year and be careful of infection. When the rubber age of five years should have a trunk circumference 43-52 cm.

Steps to harvest

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