• Latex Pillow - Standard

    Size 60 X 40 X 15 cm

    This pillow is made from 100% natural latex foam in normal standard pillow shape. The pillow features ventilation holes to allow free air-flow during sleep. These holes cause the coolness effect during summer and warmth during winter night.

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  • Latex Pillow - Massage

    Size 60 X 38 X 10/12 cm

    this natural latex foam pillow feature knobs on the pillow surface. The knobs act as a personal massage throughout the night and help increase blood flow into the brain for a fresh wake-up in the morning.

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  • Latex Pillow - Heart

    Size 57 X 37 X 8/10 cm

    this ergonomic pillow features a heart-shape with contour area to support the right and left shoulders during sleep. The dimple in the middle of the pillow helps keep the head from rolling off the pillow at night, thus preventing neck pain in the morning.

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