• Latex Pillow - Heart

    Size 57 X 37 X 8/10 cm

    this ergonomic pillow features a heart-shape with contour area to support the right and left shoulders during sleep. The dimple in the middle of the pillow helps keep the head from rolling off the pillow at night, thus preventing neck pain in the morning.

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  • Latex Pillow - Durian

    Size 58 X 35 X 11 cm

    Made from 100% natural latex foam with shape designed for maximum support of neck and shoulder with knobby or convoluted surface for massage.

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  • Latex Pillow - Contour

    Size 60 X 40 X 10/12 cm

    The shape is especially designed for appropriate support of the head and neck during sleep. The different curvature on both sides of the pillow allows alternative height adjustment to suit each individual's neck bone.

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